Theme Switcher Widget

Nov 8, 2008 at 8:05 PM

I've made an extension that I'm sure many of the theme designers will love to have it enabled on their blogs. Similar to the Theme Switcher wordpress plugin, it enables your visitors to change on the fly the blog theme, only for the visitor who initiated the change. This means that any user can live preview any theme you have installed, with just 2 clicks, without changing the saved theme nor interfering with other people previews.

The widget is part of the Theme Utils extension which can be downloaded from 

ThemeUtils works with BlogEngine 1.4.5 and needs a patch of BlogEngine.Core (included in archive both as source and dll). It doesn't use any exotic features (except the patch) so it will probably work on previous version of BlgoEngine as long as they support widgets.

Bug reports and feedback are welcome.