using form entry for blog submission?

Mar 21, 2011 at 7:59 PM

I'm working off a company local intranet so any solution that requires connecting to the internet will not work here.

Basically I had built a customized wordpress version of  a CMS which allowed a small group of employees to add information to the blog, via the sidebar in a form that allowed the user to enter the subject, the body, and select a category. Once submitted the form would automatically allow the post to appear in the blog. As this is a local intranet this is exactly what they wanted as the user would have already logged into the machine and adding another login would potentially put users off, and not post. Not to mention that a simple form is also limited in options, again, this is favourable in this situation.

Anyway, after passing this example along the chain of command (I had a running version using XAMPP on an old XP box ), the company was enthusiastic and wanted to go ahead and put it on our local server, but unfortunately our IT dept is only interested in everything Microsoft. So, they loaded a version of on there server for me to play with and try to accomplish the same thing but unfortunately I cannot even find a form entry extension (other than jotforms which requires internet connection) that I might be able to try to modify for my purpose.

Obviously the best outcome would be if this sort of thing is already prewritten, but I have not been able to find it. Ideally it would be a form entry method for added posts to the blog without credentials. If anyone here knows of such a thing I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks. Rob