I implemented yet another captcha for BE 1.6.0

Jan 21, 2011 at 1:28 AM


I know BE 2.0 is out there. Just in case you are still in BE 1.6. This might help you.

My solution is based on Alpha(Wupeng)'s blog.  http://wupeng.cn/post/2009/08/27/Add-Captcha-to-BlogEngineNet.aspx

Alpha's solution is good but limited because it doesn't block the spammer software directly call the underneath javascript.

Many spamming comments can still go through.

I updated Alpha's solution. The source code and explaination are blogged here.  http://blog.rptea.com/post/I-implemented-yet-another-recaptcha-for-Blogengine-160.aspx

Thank BE authors and community to come up such an excellent blogging platform.

Happy blogging