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Project Description
A collection of extensions written for BlogEngine.Net.


BlogEngine.NET is a full featured, light weight blog software written in ASP.NET. More information visit the Official website.

Extension Collection

Note: These extensions are for the release of BlogEngine.NET 1.3 or newer.

Extension Version Description Author(s)
DotNetKicksOnTheFly 1.0 Adds a DotNetKicks button to a post where the token kickit is found on the fly. Emir Treviño
FeedFlare 1.0 Append FeedFlare script at the end of posts and pages. Cristiano Fino
GoogleAnalytics 1.0 Adds Google Analytics code to BlogEngine. Chris Blankenship
Mp3Player 1.3 Mp3 flash audio player. Ruslan Tur
Odiogo 1.1 Adds an Odiogo 'Listen' image button to the top of all posts. Mads Kristensen Updated by Phil Garcia
PostTemplate 1.0 Wraps a template around a post. Joe Kaiser
QuickLinks 1.2 Replaces tags with links. Clarence Klopfstein
QuickerLinks 1.2 Replaces keywords with links. Clarence Klopfstein
SEOPack 0.2 Optimizes your BlogEngine blog for Search Engines (SEO). Fabian Figueredo
SnapShots 1.0 Adds Snap Shots preview to all external links. Phil Garcia
TranslatePost 1.1.1 Automatic translation for your blog post by using Google Translation Services. Davide Espertini
TypograFix 1.0 A typographic reformatting extension. Dmitri Nesteruk
WowLinkItem 1.3 Creates a link and mouse over for World of Warcraft Items. Justin Wendlandt
YouTube 1.0 Embeds YouTube videos into posts and pages. Mads Kristensen


The extensions are licensed by their respective authors. Only extensions which have an open source license (GPL, BSD, Ms-RL, etc) or are released to the public domain may be included in the extension pack. End users are reasonable for reviewing and being in compliance with the author's license. If you submit an extension or patch for inclusion in the extension pack, you agree to release the source code under an open source license (GPL, BSD, or Ms-RL); if you do not specify a license, you agree to release the source code under the Ms-RL license.

Creating Extensions

You can learn more about writing extensions by visiting the Wiki on Extensions site. If you have written an extension and wish to include it here, please contact the BlogEngine.NET team or upload a patch.

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